The workplace bullying environment is difficult for receivers to continue to work in, especially when they are not believed.  As such, leaving is often considered and recommended by experts.  Leaving isn’t always an option and many receivers stay.  However, even if a worker leaves, there are continued risks that must be considered.

One of these risks is about references.  Getting a reference from one’s place of employment is important and often a necessity in obtaining another position.  For the receiver of workplace bullying, references can be extremely problematic to attain after leaving.  Many times the receiver leaves because they are not believed and/or are viewed as the problem. This makes getting a positive reference problematic.

On many applications, there is an option whether the potential employer has permission to contact to previous places of employment.  In normal circumstances, workers mark yes, but surviving a workplace bullying culture is not normal.  For the receiver of workplace bullying, marking yes or no can be tricky.

Marking yes means receivers are at-risk for receiving a negative reference from their past employer.  Marking no often requires an explanation and this requires the receiver to be creative in their reasoning.  Either is risky for the receiver.

Another problem can arise when workers complete the paperwork for a background check.  Some background checks require verification from employers about worker including dates of employment and salary.  Receivers have reported that the organizations they left as a result of bullying are refusing to verify employment.  This causes additional harm and trauma to receivers of workplace bullying.

Don’t forget to check out my survival guide which is a helpful resource that identifies effective strategies for receivers of workplace bullying. 

If you or your organization is experiencing persistent workplace aggression, contact me at jankircher@jankircher.com or (320) 309-2360. You can also visit my website at www.jankircher.com. Help is out there today.



You give the complete information about the marking receivers and real-time problems. The current environment is very intense and it is very difficult to manage all the things but possible it with a good way. This is so enjoyable article.

10/07/2017 6:23am

It is quite saddening that there are people who still gets bullied even they are already in the workplace. I don't really understand why there are such people who tries to bring people down, I mean, do they benefit from it? Does it make them good or superior? I think getting bullied when you are already in the workplace is the most horrible thing that can happen to me, I mean, I didn't study so that I could be bullied right? I hope that this will be the last case for bullying in a workplace or I wish that the company will make a stand for this issue because it is a serious matter. Thanks for posting blogs about workplace bullying, I wish everyone would read be able to read this.


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