Persistent workplace aggressors can be unpredictable and their aggression can be inconsistent. However, there are certain times when persistent workplace aggressors increase the intensity of their aggression and the risk for organizations and targets increases tremendously. These include when a complaint is made, when accountability is enforced, and when the target resigns. These are all occasions when the aggressor feels challenged and persistent workplace aggression is likely to surge. This knowledge can help organizations be proactive to keep all workers safe, particularly the targets. 

It is important to remember that aggressors are always a threat to targets. However, there is an increased risk for violence when the target makes a complaint about the aggression. During these times, aggressors feels threatened and react accordingly. Leaders should immediately take steps to protect targets once allegations of persistent workplace aggression have been made. 

Persistent workplace aggression will also escalate when organizations intervene and hold the aggressor accountable. This will trigger the aggressor’s need for revenge on the target because they believe they are losing control of the work environment. Not only will the aggressors continue to harm the target but they will also use this opportunity to test leadership. They will push the boundaries to see if they will be held accountable by administration. As such, organizations need to prepare themselves for continued attacks of aggression that most likely will include leadership as well as the target.  

Another high-risk time for organizations is when a target resigns. This intensifies the aggression because the perpetrator now has a time limit to get their target. Therefore, they will inflict as much harm given the time they have left. Aggressors will also use this opportunity to promote fear among others workers. The aggressor is trying to set the stage for the next victim by showing everyone that they are still controlling the workplace using aggression. The aggressor is promoting fear to ensure that the status quo of workplace aggression will continue even after the target leaves. Once a target resigns, organizations can expect more overt and frequent incidences of workplace aggression. It is therefore, vital that leadership continues to hold the aggressor accountable and to set boundaries with them. This is also an opportunity for leadership to intervene and improve the work environment. With effective intervention, leadership can stop the persistent workplace aggression rather than allowing it to continue.   

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02/20/2017 7:51am

One of the signs that the employee is turning into a persistent workplace aggressor is that if he lies about important and not important issues, he interrupts in meetings, he gossips or making up lie stories to his co-workers, always blow their own horn in order to show how great they are and worst demand that their own decision must be followed. As a leader we must be alert to these early signs of becoming a workplace aggressor so that they can be under control. We have the responsibility to rule in the workplace so, we must track the behavior of every worker.


The workplace aggression is one of the worst aggression at work. I think I read something about the workplace aggressions somewhere. And based there this means that it is an act of physical assault, threatening or coercive behavior that causes physical or emotional harm at work. There were a lot of ways to experience this aggression. The most common are indirect, physical and passive. They said that this aggression is unstoppable. A strict policy about this should be imposed by the society. It is hard to find out that an employee are suffering this unless they inform the other officials what's going on through them.


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