There is a lot of talk about the impact of workplace aggression on the target and the organization as the aggression is occurring.  There is little discussion about the long-term effect of workplace aggression on targets; especially those who continue to work in the aggressive environment.

Many targets of workplace aggression suffer long-term residual effects from victimization in the workplace that impact their personal and professional lives.  One of the outcomes of workplace violence is increased paranoia.  This results from continued abuse in the workplace where the target’s work is unnecessarily scrutinized and where they are continually blamed for incidents in the workplace.  For example, a worker who has experienced long-term workplace aggression via emails and cyber aggression may wince every time they hear their email notification.  They assume that each email will be another attack on them.  Thus, something as small as checking emails becomes problematic for the worker causing unnecessary stress and emotional responses.

Another consequence of being a target of workplace aggression is apathy.  Targets become emotionless, detached, and indifferent in an attempt to cope with workplace violence.  Apathy arises because of the lack of response by the organization and co-workers to take the allegations of workplace aggression serious.  Targets learn how to distant themselves from the violence in order to cope with the pain and emotions from workplace violence.  They become less responsive to the needs of the organization.

Targets also become immune to the surroundings and the aggression that they are experiencing.  Over time, the target develops a tolerance and the aggression becomes normal.  Therefore, what might seem inappropriate to an observer is part of daily work life for a target.  For example, a target may become accepting of profanity aimed at them because it has happened for so long without any consequence.  However, most of us know that swearing at a colleague is never acceptable. 

These are understandable responses for the target attempting to cope with workplace aggression.  However, in the workplace, these behaviors often reinforce what the aggressor(s) are saying about the target and legitimate coping reactions become even more problematic for the target. 

All of these responses to workplace aggression take its toll on a target in their personal life.  Targets spend all of their emotional momentum trying to survive the workplace violence.  As such, they often have little energy or vigor left to give to their personal life.  A target who may have been extremely dynamic can seemingly become a different person because they cannot keep up with the emotional trauma they are experiencing in the workplace.  The vicious tentacles of workplace aggression can curl and encircle the target, both personally and professionally, leaving a target traumatized and devastated.

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