The overall workplace environment is extremely important because it sets stage for everything that occurs at work, both good and bad.  As such, a solid foundation for the workplace withstands conflict and bumps in the road because it is balanced with positive behaviors and trust.  One of the ways that we can create a strong work environment is to practice good manners.

Using good manners in the workplace establishes an environment of politeness and civility.  Good manners include things such as, saying thank you, excuse me, I am sorry, greetings, and etc.  Using appropriate behaviors produces an environment of courteousness and workers good conduct becomes the expectation for everyone. 

Good manners also create effective work relationships.  It matters that we say thank you to someone after something they have done something for us.  It shows them appreciation for their work and it validates them as a worker.  This builds mutual respect and collegiality. 

I was in a difficult meeting once where important decisions needed to be made and it was clear there was tension between participants.  The leader was highly skilled in the use of manners and politeness.  The leader thanked people for their contributions yet moved the meeting a long so that decision-making occurred.  The leader did not allow anyone to dominate. When the person talking was taking too long, the leader thanked the person for their contribution but also nicely moved the meeting along.  The leader showed respect for the person but also all the other attendees as well.  It ended up being the best meeting I ever attended.  I attribute this to the leader’s skill development in civility.   

Using good manners seems like a basic skill that every worker has and that is being practiced in the workplace today.  However, in environments where persistent workplace aggression is festering or occurring, good manners are the first to go.  It is, therefore, important that leaders and workers validate politeness and reward consideration in the workplace.  At the same time, they need to discourage and deter bad behavior and manners.  Using good manners does not guarantee that aggression will not happen, but it does create the expectation of civility.  Using good manners and being civil does in fact encourage a strong work culture that can withstand and prevent persistent workplace aggression.

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06/08/2016 12:36am

This is very interesting, especially now that in every work there is some aggression happening. I agree that good manners must be practiced in the workplace, because for me the foundation of a good relationship is through acting nice. By having good manners in the office it will create a friendly environment within the workplace. Civility is also important for me because it's all about how we treat people and the way we treat them must be right and always with respect. I really had a great time reading this because this post can be helpful for my future doings in life, and I learned that we must always practice to be polite and have proper manners.

06/19/2017 11:11pm

Good manners are mandatory when it comes to the workplace because good manners make good employees. When you're the owner of a company, you want to make sure that all your employees are well-mannered and well-groomed because these are the people that will represent your company. Their image is basically the company's image. Their reputation also represents what the reputation of the company would be. Well-mannered employees will be the stepping stone of the business to become successful.

07/16/2017 6:48pm

Manners are a very important thing in a person's lifetime. While we are growing up, our parents teach us the values and manners that we need to take in order for us to be a good individual. We are also learning in different environments like we were in school, our instructors also teach us the right thing to do, what are the do's and Don'ts. Also we are learning from our own, because we are running across different people everyday. We are learning every step of the way for us to be made in the future, of course, who doesn't want to be named as "Asset of the Company" right? I appreciate your blog so much everything is very meaningful and useful.

11/16/2016 4:30am

You are absolutely right. It's very important to remember that. It's a good article.


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