At times, every workplace struggles with maintaining a healthy work environment. Each worker in the environment is responsible for the preservation of the healthy work environment.  Since the workplace is interdependent, we can all improve and sustain the healthy work environment.  This takes a great deal of skill development for professionals.  Professionals are often expected to know how to behave in the workplace but are not taught the skills needed to maintain a positive work environment.  Therefore, professionals should always be open to self-improvement which directly influences the overall work culture.

Developing a clear understanding that the workplace is not devoid of conflict is extremely important for professionals.  Conflict is a normal part of the workplace and a healthy culture deals with conflict as it arises.  Individuals, therefore, need to manage conflict effectively.  This takes skill development and practice on the part of individuals as well as organizations.  It also takes a workplace culture that is open to talk about successes and failures when it comes to conflict resolution.  The individual and the environment need to be flexible, willing to change, and to learn from their successes and failures.

Professionals need to communicate effectively with their co-workers.  Effective communication includes active listening.  As such, hearing what our colleagues are really saying is just as important as being able to authentically communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, to our co-workers.  Another vital piece of communication is giving and receiving constructive feedback.  Constructive feedback requires providing information about the behavior of colleagues.  It does not allow for personal attacks.

Feedback also requires that professionals develop self-reflection skills.  This allows them to critically consider the impact of their behavior on others in the workplace.  For example, I might believe that I am just speaking loudly to my colleagues, but they interpret it as yelling.  Self-reflection requires that I reflect on their interpretation and change my professional behavior for the betterment of the workplace.  Self-reflection is key to the healthy workplace but extremely hard to master because it demands analysis of our own behavior.  Self-reflection mandates we be willing to change our behavior even when we believe we are not doing anything wrong.

These are just a few vital pieces of developing a healthy workplace.  The healthy workplace takes works and commitment from the entire organization and individuals. But it is necessary to maintain a safe place to work where workers are productive and content. 

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There’s no perfect place in this world like any office does. There will always be conflicts and disagreements. We can never control how healthy a work environment can be because every person has different personality. I believe that argues can be healthy too if limited and constraint in topics. I like the idea of constructive feedbacks but it may be a way for colleagues to be more personal in attacking each other. I think the boss or the superior should see to it that the team is unified to have a healthy workplace. Every member of the team should be given equal responsibilities to minimize jealousy.

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A healthy working environment requires all employees to feel open to each other and their seniors. I have to go get an essay writer to work on my term papers now.

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A healthy workplace is a very important thing for me! Thanks a lot for this great post!


I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol, i know it sounds funny but its very true. . .

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I will remember this information to create a healthy work environment. Thank you!


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