Many times, organizations are hesitant to develop policies that delineate and outline procedures for persistent workplace aggression. Organizations may view having a policy about workplace aggression as a limitation rather than as a tool for prevention and an organizational strength. If this is the case in your organization, there are options to address persistent workplace aggression without necessarily developing a policy specifically about it.

In the workplace, professionalism is frequently talked about but never defined. By outlining precisely what your organization means by professional behavior can help stop and prevent the mistreatment of workers. Some ideas to incorporate in the definition should include communication and email etiquette and behavioral and attitude expectations.

It is important to address how the organization wants all workers to conduct themselves, including bosses and supervisors. Organizations need to seriously consider what it means to be professional in their workplace and this should be consistent throughout.

If you include respect in your definition you should be clear about what respect is for your organization both as an attitude and as a behavior.

For example, in one academic setting I worked in, the chair required students to call faculty with a Ph.D. by the title doctor because “it is respectful.” However, faculty would then be allowed to degrade students in and out of the classroom setting clearly demonstrating exhibiting behavior that was disrespectful. So, the desired goal for respect for faculty was totally lost because leadership did demand that faculty show respect be shown as well.

No matter how your organizations opts to address the issue of persistent workplace aggression, it is vital that you develop some type of policy and procedures in an attempt to improve the overall work environment of your organization.

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10/16/2016 1:37pm

These types of policies are always very convenient to the people that have been through the use of these policies. This workshop was really worth of attending for the every person that wants to have some benefits.

08/02/2017 10:01am

Policy like this should have been existing a long time ago. There is no wrong thing in expressing your anger and frustration, but please make sure that it would not affect other employees performance in their respective jobs. Workplace aggression should be controlled so that everyone will perform at their best. You are working in the same place, that's why there should be harmony in your environment.


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