Organizational leaders and administrators are frequently unaware that there organization is experiencing persistent workplace aggression.  Organizations are predisposed to dealing with personnel and behavior issues on an individual basis rather than looking at them collectively over time.  This tends to be the easiest path to take in organizations.  However, this road does not lead to resolution but continues to allow persistent workplace aggression to occur.  Thus, the organization suffers in all areas including profits, loss of customers and even valued employees.

The first strategy for organizations is to take claims about persistent workplace aggression seriously.  Genuinely viewing this issue with concern seems like it should be a logical and rational approach that an organization takes.  However, this is regularly not the case.  Organizations, more often than not, tend to dismiss assertions about persistent workplace aggression and only address the peripheral behaviors.  These, unfortunately, are repeatedly aimed at the target rather than the aggressor(s). As such, they only reinforce the aggressor’s bad behavior and actually encourage continued workplace aggression.

Organizations have a responsibility to examine assertions about persistent workplace aggression with sincerity and should not brush allegations under the carpet.  This tends to be a victim blaming approach which only exacerbates the issue and costs the organization more. 

Organizations need to review documentation that is provided from an objective lens, leaving their likes and dislikes about their employees aside.  Organizations should see how the documentation identifies patterns and themes about the persistent workplace aggression.  This will help get a better understanding of what is happening and will offer organizations a starting point so they can eliminate persistent workplace aggression.  Acknowledgement that the organization may be experiencing persistent workplace aggression is the first step in stopping it from happening.  

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Leadership of any work it is great responsibility of them. If the larder is good to communicate with each other then it is easy to work with best. Soft attitude and good behavior also play important roll to control the matter of work.

08/02/2017 9:54am

If there's primary person who should motivate his employees to do their best, it's their leader or the president of the organization. But when if what's happening is the opposite thing, it's time to be alarmed and let this leader know that what he's doing isn't suitable for the position given to him. I know its takes guts to do that, but for the sake of the whole organization, you should do it!


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