It is extremely difficult and stressful to work in an environment when persistent workplace aggression is happening.  It is important for targets to develop coping strategies that are effective so they can deal with the aggressor(s) and the workplace environment as a whole. 

It is vital for targets to first recognize that they are in fact being singled out and aggressively pursued unfairly in the workplace.  This recognition allows targets to develop an understanding of what is happening and begin to develop coping mechanisms so they can better manage what they are experiencing.   

Targets also need to develop a strong support system both in and out of the workplace if possible.  Targets need a place to go to talk about what is happening and they need someone that believes what they are experiencing.  They must have backing in the toxic environment as well as outside. 

If it is at all possible targets should try to identify at least one person in the workplace that they can trust and go to in times of crisis.  This helps the target have someone to talk and consult with about the persistent workplace aggression.  Targets need to somehow ensure that this person is trustworthy so they do not set themselves up for more aggression.

If the workplace is too hostile, the target should try to develop a network of professionals outside of the organization that they can consult with and who may be able to offer ideas and suggestions.  Part of the survival technique for targets is that they have people in their world that believe what they are experiencing is real and that the target can rely on for comfort.  Having support benefits and aids the target in the process of survival in an environment where persistent workplace aggression is happening. 



Thanks for the idea very much! I believe it will help me a lot

09/02/2017 2:12am

As much as we wanted to stay positive in our workplace, if there are aggressors around you, it's hard to stay focused on what you're doing. This is the reason why there is a large number of employees quitting their different jobs because they can't handle the stress, the work load, and these aggressors. But reading your article made me realize that there are still strategies on how we can do our jobs without being affected by these aggressors. Thank you for the advices your posted above. I'm hoping that it will help me people to deal with their situations!


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