In the news recently, we have heard a lot about bullying on the playground and in the schools.  Children and young people are committing suicide and suffering as a result of harassment in the school settings.  Bullying, it seems, is not taken serious until someone gets hurt.  This reactive attitude needs to stop and we need to a more proactive approach to all types of bullying.

Bullying is not just a K through 12 grade issue.  Persistent workplace aggression, commonly referred to as workplace bullying, is also happening in our workplaces on a regular and frequent basis. The effect that workplace aggression has on targets is just as serious as bullying in schools, yet it is frequently brushed under the carpet and not acknowledged in the workplace at all. 

A proactive approach to persistent workplace aggression includes acknowledging that aggression is in fact happening.  Determining that your workplace has issues allows for change to begin.  Developing a clear understanding of what is actually happening to the target is important.  This includes hearing what the aggressor is doing from the perspectives of the target, bystanders, and even the aggressor.  It is important not to overlook the importance of bystanders because they are often key players in recognizing what is really going on in the workplace. 

Once a workplace identifies the issues, they can begin to address them.  One way of doing this is to develop a solid and clear policy against workplace aggression including a definition and consequences.  This policy should clearly outline what the workplace identifies as persistent workplace aggression.  A one-size fit all policy is unlikely to be effective.  Therefore, each workplace needs to gather information about the type of workplace aggression that is happening and tailor their policy to meet the areas of concern.  For example, cyber aggression for one workplace may include misuse of emails and in another workplace it may include misuse of social networks.  Every policy should include a zero tolerance clause.  To be truly proactive, the organization, most importantly, need to train and encourage workers to use the policy.


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Bullying can be anywhere and to anybody. People don't pick out whom to judge and bully. They always look for something to get someone down no matter what it takes. Those kind of people are the one who owns a lot of insecurities within themselves. I pity those people who love to bring people down. I can't understand the point of being happy for doing such things like that. I can promise it also that they are still immature. Nice blog you have, you will inspire more people in the time to come.


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