Pervasive workplace aggression, commonly referred to as workplace bullying, is a term that more professionals and workers are becoming familiar with.  Pervasive workplace aggression is unrelenting mistreatment and exploitation of an individual or individuals that occurs in a consistent and systematic manner.  Pervasive workplace aggression ensues over a period of time and has a negative impact on the target that ultimately impacts their ability to function at work.

Pervasive workplace aggression can happen in any workplace setting including professional and non-professional jobs.  It is something that knows no limits or constraints and every person in the workplace is a potential target.

We think that it is our co-workers who get persecuted at work because we possess qualities that our boss and our co-workers value.  We want to believe that because we have identified ourselves as good workers, we are not at-risk to be a target.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Those traits, such as integrity, good work ethic, creativity, and collaborative, are in fact the very characteristics which make us vulnerable for being a target.

Organizations and agencies where pervasive workplace aggression occurs tend to have characteristics and an overall environment that make them more vulnerable.  Organizations where there is increased stress or where change has or is expected are susceptible.  Leadership and leadership styles are also influence the likelihood that aggression will occur in the workplace.  Therefore, a large number of organizations are potential breeding ground for pervasive workplace aggression.

Just like with schoolyard bullying, pervasive workplace aggression is often down played and not taken seriously.  Targets are frequently blamed because organizations and administrators are not equipped to deal with such a complex problem.  However, with education and interventions, workplaces can deal with aggressors and stop pervasive workplace aggression.  Making work better for everyone!

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02/20/2017 10:37pm

Bullying can happen to you wherever you are with no exemptions. I don’t get it why people like to bully people and give them low self esteem. Is bullying really satisfies them? I never bullied anyone before, but I experience being bullied way back in my High School days and some of my college days, luckily now that I am working, I am hired by a beautiful and peaceful company where equality and happiness is there. Never let anyone bully you and never do that to other people. This is a great blog, it will educate people, I am sure of it. Thank you

08/01/2017 10:58am

I am so thankful that this situation isn't happening to me. Because if it is, I think I'll just breakdown and cry a lot. No one deserves to be bullied. All bullies should realize that there's no good thing in bullying and they should stop it as soon as possible. Workplace bullying is a lot more serious than any kind if bullying and it could also cause long term effect. It's about time we make a stand against this matter.

04/23/2017 11:32pm

Bullying is a serious matter. It alarms me that bullies are all over the place, no one is safe anymore. A person can be bullied anytime at any place. Employers should have strict rules and regulations for that matter. Bullying can easily affect a person and this is not a joke. Employers should conduct seminars about bullying for their employees so that everyone will be aware if they are being bullied or not. This post is beneficial to all and this should also serve as a reminder.

10/05/2017 6:19am

I read this article. I think You put a lot of effort to create this article. I appreciate your work.


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